Derwent Howe

200 years of the iron and steel industry has transformed the beach at Workington. Derwent Howe is a cliff formed from industrial waste, the by-product of smelting hundreds of thousands of tonnes of metal. Gradually over the years the sea has begun the process of reclaiming this man-made geology, softening the edges of discarded material, burnishing and polishing huge metal blooms slowly forming a landscape like no other. For me this beach has become a very special place, intriguing and inspiring.

What we now see as the beauty of the Lake District high land is often a man made construct of mines and quarries reclaimed by nature. At Derwent Howe the sea is continuing that process but where one covers the spoil the other exposes it - cleaning and polishing it along the way.

The work here on the website is the result of numerous visits to Derwent Howe over many years; the forms, colours and textures, a response to this unique Cumbrian landscape.

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